Welcome to the website of our Devon Rex Wil-Lux*PL cattery.


Our cattery is located in Sieradz and registred in Supreme Cat Club Łódź, which is a member of Felis Polonia – the biggest Polish feline federation - the meber of the world feline federation known as Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe)


Cats are full members of our family, given enormous amounts of love, care and understanding. They accompany us in every home-related situation: we sleep together, cook, play, and even go to the toilet together ;) This is how wonderful and sociable the character of the Devon Rex is :) Be ready for this great companion following your every step and keeping your company preferably on your own shoulder ;)


Devons are amazing creatures, with a very orginal, alien-like look, larege ears, beautiful, big eyes and unique, short waved fur.


They are cats of an awsome personality endowing you with boundless love. They are cheerful, sociable and gentle, they love kids and get on well with other animals. They are also very trustful, brave and courious. All these qualities made us fall in love with this breed and the breeding became our passion :)


We care very much of our cat family, trying to provide them with the best conditions for their life and development. Our house is large, full of furniture, scratches, soft beds and toys adjusted to the cats'needs and for the sake of the cats' security, we have a net balcony.


Cats in our cattery are healthy, health tested, perfectly socialized, raised in love and the best home conditions. Kittens leave the house being over 12 weeks old, after double vaccination and triple deworming and in the "pet option" after sterilization / castration.


We like to attend shows with our devons and get excellent cat titles. On the page, we present the results, achievements and titles gained at international exhibitions in Poland and abroad.


If you are considering adding the great Devon Rex cat to the family, please contact us or visit our cattery. We will be happy to answer all your questions, we will advise and provide support. Later we will also keep in touch with the owners of our babies and in the photo gallery you can see our happy kittens in the new homes.


Best regards,


Barbara i Klaudia – Hodowla Wil-Lux*PL :)

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