Choco is a boy we brought from a friendly German cattery, making 1500 km :) He is a sweet boy in the color we always dreamed of - chocolate point. The most in his life he adores to eat, play and purr :) He loves to eat meat so much that later has a problem to pull his belly on a scratcher ;) His favorite plays are chasing and wrestling with his peers, he also plays with a rustling ball or mouse and soon we hope that he will change his interests in our girls :)

  • born on 22-03-2017
  • blood group: A
  • DRX b33 - chocolate siamese point
  • Pedigree

 Show successes:

Date Show Class Results Judge
2018-12-08 Cat Show: SCC - Łódź 9  Ex 1, CAC  Mrs Marina Vinkel, EE
2018-12-09 Cat Show: SCC - Łódź 9  Ex 1, CAC  Mr Robert Lubrano, FR