Eclair is a beautiful, red male, which came to us from Moscow, but was born in Latvia. He has lovely orange eyes and big wide ears. He’s an extreme boy with wonderful, very warm character. He is as sweet as his name coming from a creamy pastry :) He adores to be hugged and purrs very loudly then. Eclair loves hunting for toys with feathers and colofrul mice, but his biggest love are his girls! ;)

  • Born on 01-09-2013
  • Blood group: AB
  • Colour: DRX d 24 - rudy cętkowany
  • Pedigree

Choco is a boy we brought from a friendly German cattery, making 1500 km :) He is a sweet boy in the color we always dreamed of - chocolate point. The most in his life he adores to eat, play and purr :) He loves to eat meat so much that later has a problem to pull his belly on a scratcher ;) His favorite plays are chasing and wrestling with his peers, he also plays with a rustling ball or mouse and soon we hope that he will change his interests in our girls :)

  • born on 22-03-2017
  • blood group: A
  • DRX b33 - chocolate siamese point
  • Pedigree